Sidecars and Sipping Cream

Lately, with it being all cold and what not, I have been wanting to try  drinks that are not a cold Beer. I started with whiskey  since I know my husband likes it and will drink what I don’t. I found this recipe for a Sidecar, which I had never heard of as  a drink, and it is supposed to be similar to Whiskey Sours, which I like, I thought this would be a good start!



  • 3/4 oz Bourbon Whiskey
  • 3/4 oz Triple Sec
  • 1/2 oz Roses Sweetend Lime Juice
  • Squeeze of fresh lime juice
  • Put everything is a shaker or a mason jar with a lid.
  • Add ice and shake, shake, shake…

I really liked the Sidecar and will definitely be making them again!

The second drink I tried this week and enjoyed was

whisper creek

Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream

  • Pour as much as you want into a glass and enjoy on the rocks!

I like the sipping cream, its sweet but not to sweet. I also like that it is not a thick cream so it flows smoothly!

I’m excited to explore some more cocktails and get my little home bar going, these where both great starts I think!




I love reading blogs, I can be sucked into them quickly and never want to leave.  I have for a while wanted to start one of my own but have never known where to start. I figure the best way is to just do it and learn along the way right?!

I really enjoy blogs about fashion and lifestyles but recently I have been inspired while reading my newest favorite blog Delightfully Tacky  . I think she is absolutely adorable for starters and her style is amazing.  I dream to have as much confidence as her and other people like her who put themselves out there in all their beautiful glory.  She has inspired me in three ways recently.

 1. I desperately needed an outfit for a photo shoot we were doing at work and I was clueless and stressed and a mess in every aspect of the word about what I was going to wear. I came across her blog via Pinterest months ago and then refound her in my time of need saturday!

This outfit was everything I wanted and more:


Its fall and winter and outdoors and adorable so I simply copy and  pasted it onto myself as best I could!

DSC01670 (1)



All in all I think the outfit came out well and I felt good wearing it!

2. She does something I think is brilliant which is a 26 before 27 list  . It’s so cute I wanted to do one of my own.

So here it is:

1. Learn to use my camera properly

2. Start a  journal

3. Vacation somewhere new

4. Spend less money

5. Discover the art of styling clothes on myself

6. Move the shed to a new spot in the backyard

7. Re-design the backyard to add a patio area

8. Landscape the yard

9. Grow more veggies

10. Do more sketching and painting

11. Learn how to do some graphic design

12. Learn to properly use Photoshop

13. practice writing/ Do writing challenges

14. Decorate spare bedroom

15. Fix the floors at home

16. Add a linen closet in the bathroom

17.  Hike more

18. Get a massage or 10+

19. Drive to my moms house – the whole way ( I have terrible driving anxiety and can’t make it across town so driving 4 hours to moms is going to be a tough one)

20. Cook through a cookbook

21. Get a bike and ride it

22. Learn to sew/ tailor my clothes

23. Be more holistic

24. Start a blog –  Ta Da one down!

25. Take ballet classes – I started this one on Jan 14th after years of saying I wanted to start ballet again but I was always to scared. Not anymore!

3. Finally starting this blog. I have started and deleted and restarted blogging for at least a year now but finally decided to do it and stick to it. Elizabeth wrote a very nice post on bravery and I love the way she thinks. Bravery is in fact different for everyone and what may be nothing to one person could be everything to someone else. So while blogging may seem like nothing to many it takes a lot of courage for me to put myself out there and drown out the voice in my head saying it will never happen. So my simple act of bravery today is this.