Craving Minnetonkas

For months I have been seeing Minnetonka pop up left and right in so many cute ways and with so many adorable outfits.  I have started to have some serious shoe envy! Yesterday I was returning some stuff and I saw a pair of Minnetonka moccasins on sale for $29.99 at Marshalls I just had to buy them. Now I find myself feeling as though I need every pair they have ever made! In particular though I do need to have  both of these ASAP!

6ae71d2e-1278-4270-a1b8-f176b891aaad                                                          6f55641b-3b70-40f7-9c85-fe57a4f61f0f

These are the Mukluks and the Three tier calf high boots. I am in love, my heart aches for them!

I found both of these giveaways as well and of course I had to enter.


Cotton and Curls Minnetonka Giveaway 

skunkboy cameo

 SkunkBoy Minnetonka Giveaway

So here’s to crossed fingers and good luck!


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