Book Club

I am big into reading and have joined a fun group of girls here in Nashvegas who make up the West Nashville Book Club. Our January book club book was the fantasy novel The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.


This story is  about a young orphan boy who, after a devastating plague, is taken in by The Thiefmaker, who like his name, creates thieves! Locke  is a trouble maker from the start only because he is so much better at stealing than the  rest of the little orphans, but he can’t control himself. He is soon given to Chain, a not so blind, blind priest. He is raised in this small group that quickly becomes more of a family called the Gentleman Bastards. They are the best thieves in all of Camorr  and are similar to Robin Hood and his merry men in that they steal from the rich but they don’t necessarily give to the poor (they have been hoarding the money for no reason at all and keeping it in their secret vault!) 

The Gentleman Bastards plan elaborate plots against a very wealthy man, Don Lorenzo Salvara, and his wife and gets a lot of money from him. Then a mysterious figure, The Gray King, shows up and starts to mess things up for Locke and his men. Locke is tricked in to acting as the Gray King and is almost killed by Cappa Barsavi, a crime boss basically, who is furious at the Gray King for killing his daughter. Locke is then saved by his friends but soon return back to their home to find it ransacked, two of the Bastards killed and all their horded treasure gone! 

The Gray King turns out to be a bitter man who is seeking revenge for the murder of his family. His plot is to kill all of Camorrs high society with some artfully deceptive bombs. Locke figures it out and goes to save everyone, then of course seeks out The Gray King to get his own revenge. 


I know I know, I am terrible at book reviews but trust me when I say the book is good and worth reading!

If you want to read along with us our next book is going to be a classic romance. In honor of Valentines of course! 


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